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Hi! Here is a picture of the desk where I’ve written many of my books.

To take this photo, I had to squeeze right up into one corner of my tiny office. My wheezy old laptop has been my trusty sidekick for years. On the window sill, you can see the plaster bust of Shakespeare I’ve had since I was a teenager (it’s a bit chipped these days) and my little model of the starship Enterprise (the NX-01, for all you Trekkers out there). That’s my beloved Doctor Who mug on the desk. On the left, you can see the start of the bookshelves which tower over me.

Believe it or not, I’ve had a big tidy-up. Normally, my desk is piled high with all kinds of rubbish. Please ignore the half-eaten cheese sandwich.

   htwascover   fleshcover2   swarm1

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Patron of Reading

perrywoodPOR_seal_120x120_blackI’m delighted to say that I’m currently Patron Of Reading at Perry Wood Primary School in Worcester. I made my first visit to the school on 22 October, and I was really impressed by the thoughtful questions each year group asked me, and the creative ideas they came up with.

UPDATE: I made a second visit on March 4th – here’s a link

Click here to go to Perry Wood’s website, or click here for more information on the Patron Of Reading scheme.

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