Welcome to my website

Hi! Here's a picture of my work space. It's an old bureau I found in a junk shop. To take this photo, I had to squeeze right up into one corner of my tiny office.

My wheezy old laptop has been my trusty sidekick for years. On the window sill, you can see a few model daleks, my pet rock from Blue Anchor Bay in Somerset, and you can just about see my little model of the starship Enterprise (the NX-01, for all you Trekkers out there). That's my Marvel Comics mug on the desk. Believe it or not, I've had a big tidy-up. Normally, my desk is piled high with all kinds of rubbish.

You can contact me via Twitter - @Frankenwriter - but I'm not on any other social media. You can also contact me via my agent, Thérèse Coen at Madeleine Milburn Literary, TV & Film Agency Ltd

Teachers' freebie


I have a limited number of copies of the Teacher's Edition of How To Be A Snappy Speller to give away free (they're normally £14.99) to KS2 teachers in the UK. Contact me via Twitter @Frankenwriter


You can find my books at...

...most online booksellers, or at your nearest bookshop - if they haven't got the title(s) you want on the shelf, just ask and they can order it for you. Ebook editions are often cheaper than the printed versions, sometimes much cheaper. You can read ebooks on your phone or tablet, you don't need an ereader. Click here to get my books at:

The Book Depository
(Wordery and The Book Depository are often cheapest)
Amazon UK
The Hive (the independent bookseller network)
WHSmith (limited selection)
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Or if you want the ebook editions